Boost your Website Traffic with these 4 Blog Posts Templates

Blogging isn’t always easy – and churning out the same dull and tired 500-word posts every day is a guaranteed way to reduce your blog traffic. If you’re struggling to find blogging inspiration, try using one of these 4 blog post templates to kick-start your writing, and lure your audience back to your blog!

Curated Posts

Content curation is the process of compiling and collating third-party content – and publishing it through your own channels. Curation takes the hard work out of bogging, allowing your visitors to read the most relevant and helpful content, all in one place – your website. Best of all, compiling useful content from other businesses and brands will drive significant traffic to your website without incurring the costs of creating new content from scratch!

  • Create Authority and Trust

    Sharing third-party content adds a sense of openness and trust to your brand. Instead of jealously guarding your customer base, your business is putting your visitor’s best interests first – by sharing helpful content, regardless of where it originated.

  • Save Time and Money

    Creating new and original content can be a costly process – both financially, and in terms of manpower and resources. Content curation allows your business to maintain a constant output of helpful content, without spending a cent on writers or designers.

  • Build Professional Relationships

    Content curation is great for your business; but it’s also great for the content’s original author. Sharing third-party content drives traffic to the source website, as well as your website – and the grateful author is more likely to share your content as a result.


Opinion Pieces

If you have a strong opinion on a particular topic from your industry, why not share your thoughts? Content doesn’t always need to be unbiased, and opinion pieces allow your blog readers to benefit from your expert guidance on contentious issues

  • Develop an online personality

    Which is easier to relate to: a website, or a person? Sharing your opinions allows you to develop an online personality, a unique voice that your readers can understand, empathize with, and trust. If you’re trying to market yourself as a brand, opinion pieces are a vital tool in your arsenal – allowing you to develop authority within your niche.

  • Capitalize on popular trends

    If a particular topic is trending within your niche, use your own opinions to comment on it. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree; advocate or disparage: you just need to have an opinion. By regularly issuing responses to industry issues, you can easily create a viral piece of content – and your traffic and website visits will soar.

  • Create controversy

    If you do disagree with a topic, you’re able to unlock a whole new channel of traffic for your site. People love controversy – analyzing it, attacking it, responding to it, and even being shocked by it – and controversial content is surefire viral material. It’s important to exercise caution though; as you don’t want to alienate your target audience!


Expert Interviews

If you’re fresh out of opinions, you can turn to other experts within your field. As well as asking for their opinions on topical issues, you can set out an interview-style blog post; sending your interviewee a list of interesting and helpful questions, sourced from your own ideas, and your audience.

  • Let other people do the hard work

    Content creation is hard work, and interviews allow you to effectively outsource the bulk of it. The questions themselves can be taken care of by your audience, and asking for suggestions for your upcoming interview is another fantastic way to promote your post. Once you’ve compiled a suitable list of topics, it’s as simple as emailing them to your interviewee; waiting for their response; and publishing the exchange straight to your website!

  • Name drop to gain wider exposure

    Once you have a prominent figurehead on board, you can heavily publicize their involvement. People care about expert opinions, and name-dropping in the promotion of your post is a guaranteed way to attract a huge audience. Add your expert’s social media handles into your Tweets, Shares and other posts, and expose their audience to your content.

  • Network with influencers

    It’s always beneficial to network with prominent industry players – and there’s no better way to network than through interviews. As well as providing serious value to your own blog, you’re exposing your interviewee to your own target audience – boosting the traffic and reach of both parties. This method is a fantastic way to cultivate happy and productive professional relationships with influencers.


List Posts

List posts compile the top resources from an industry into an easy-to-access format. They’re perfect for attracting huge audiences, and fantastic at staking your claim over crucial keywords in the search engine results pages.

  • Beat your rivals

    List posts are popular, both with readers and businesses – but thankfully for us, they’re extremely easy to outdo. Even if your closest rival beat you to the punch, and published a ‘Top 10’ list, there’s no reason they can’t be outdone. Visitors will always value a comprehensive list; and a ‘Top 25’ list will yield more traffic than a ‘Top 10’. The same applies for ‘Top 50’, ‘Top 100’ and even ‘Top 200’ posts – and the only limiting factor is your patience in compiling it!

  • Repurpose your existing content

    If you’ve already published posts that offered free resources or helpful blogs, you can compile your previous content into a definitive list. Instead of confining your older content to the ‘Archive’ section, you can unearth previously popular posts, and give them a new (traffic-generating!) lease of life. Even if your list has become outdated, it’s still incredibly easy to revise, tweak and republish it to your audience.


Most business blogs are guilty of rehashing the same posts, over and over again. If your blog is guilty of publishing stale content, you can boost your traffic and re-engage your audience by ditching the 500-word ‘How to…’ posts, and being more adventurous with one these 4 blog post templates!