Jumping Into WordPress: A Guide To Getting Started

Jumping Into WordPress

WordPress was one of the picks for the tools we use to boost productivity here at One.com. Powering over 23% of the web – it is built not just for big sites like CNN and IGN but also anyone who is just starting out with publishing on the web. Today’s post is about setting up WordPress on your One.com hosted site and where to go from there.

Setting up WordPress on your new One.com hosted site:

Every One.com account comes with the ability to set WordPress up in a single click. From the control panel, just click on the WordPress installation button and away you go – All you need is to enter the address you’d like your blog to be at and the WordPress interface is already set up!

1-click WordPress Install

Getting the right look with themes

One of the first things to do after setting up WordPress to install a new theme. By default, WordPress comes with a few themes built in, but in all likelihood you would want to find one your own – there are literally thousands of free and premium themes available online to ensure your blog looks just the way you want it to.

Many are available within the WordPress admin panel itself (Appearance/Themes/Add New) but two of our favorite sources are colorlib and ThemeForest where you can find fully featured themes. Be sure to find one that is regularly updated and responsive so that your blog will automatically adapt to any device.


Colorlib has a great selection of free and premium themes. Source: Colorlib

Extending the usability of WordPress with Plugins

One of the most amazing things about WordPress is the sheer number of plugins that extend the functionality of the platform. While definitely useful, you should proceed with caution – some plugins cause compatibility and/or security problems. As a rule of thumb, we normally go for reputable sources that update their plugins regularly like Automattic (the people who are behind WordPress) and Yoast.

Here are some that we use:

  • Jetpack plugs any blog hosted anywhere into the WordPress.com cloud enabling features and tools like access to the WordPress mobile app and speed improvements
  • Akismet is the spam killer of blogs – it utilizes machine learning across thousands of blogs to detect and block spammers from the comments of your blog, freeing up your time to be more productive
  • Yoast SEO is a catch all plugin that optimizes your site for search engines. It automatically analyzes posts for how it appears to Google’s crawlers and helpfully scores your SEO compatibility
  • Google Analytics by Yoast is another great Yoast plugin that makes it easy for the blog data to be tracked by Google Analytics

Your First Post and Organizing Your Writing with Categories and Tags

Word Cloud
With everything now set up, you can now introduce your blog to the world with your first post – all it needs is a title, and the actual post that can include links, pictures and videos which you can add via the editing toolbar. When you’re ready, hit the publish button. Congratulations, your new blog is now ‘live’!

It is also advisable to have a system organize your blog posts so referencing them in the future is easy. Just go back into the admin panel, and click on posts and from the index page, click on your post. In the right column, there would be a module for categories, and another for tags. The convention is to use categories as a broad description and tags for specific elements mentioned in the post.

For example, if you’re reviewing a hotel in your travel blog, you might want to categorize the post under “Hotel Reviews” and tag the name of the hotel as well as the city and country it is located in and maybe the type of hotel such as luxury or backpackers hostel. This would enable the posts to be sorted and indexed automatically by WordPress. For instance, all our digital marketing blog posts can be found here.

Advanced Customizations Once You’re Comfortable in WordPress

Once you’re more and more familiar with blogging with WordPress, there is a whole other galaxy of tweaks you can make to pretty much every aspect your blog. The customization options are virtually limitless because of WordPress’ fantastic open source community. Some tweaks may require you to go into the code and may sound scary, but many of them have easy to follow tutorials. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

Hopefully the pointers above has gotten you started on blogging using WordPress on your One.com account. If you’d like to see more tips and tricks about WordPress, be sure to let us know in the comments!