When should you redesign your website?


A website redesign takes a committed effort to complete. Because of this, it seems that many people put it off for as long as they can until there is little choice but to bite the bullet and do so. You definitely don’t want to be needlessly changing your website ever so often either. So the question is, when should you get a redesign? Well, today we will look when might the right time.

1. Your website no longer works

We’ve all seen websites with broken functionality. Perhaps, it is still a fully Flash website, maybe it was designed for an older version of Internet Explorer. Your site may not be on that level of dysfunction, but the truth is that elements that aren’t performant might be reducing the amount of traffic and leads your website generates. When you do an audit of your website, you should answer these questions honestly which would point in the right direction of whether you need a redesign:

  • Can a visitor easily find what he/she came to your site to look for?
  • Is your site easy to navigate around?
  • Is your content relevant and up to date?
  • Is your most important content easily discovered?

2. The purpose of your website has changed

From time to time, the purpose of a website will change. Perhaps, the initial design took a toe in the water approach where the website was little more than an interactive brochure about a business, but now you want to incorporate eCommerce or social media integration.

Depending on how your site has been set up, it could be a simple addition, or it could take a redesign, during which you should consider a system (like WordPress or Joomla) that allows you to add and remove functionality at a later stage.

3. Your website is not responsive

Did you know that more searches on Google now come from mobile devices than traditional computers? If search and social is how much of your traffic finds you, your website definitely needs to be a good experience on a mobile phone. Ditto if you’re a brick and mortar store. If your website isn’t already, this should be more than enough reason for you to get a responsive redesign for your site.

4. Your customers are struggling with the user experience

Some UX patterns like splash screens and gratuitous animations might have been the norm in the past, but is now dated and something most people no longer appreciate or are wowed by. Even if you don’t have any of these ‘infractions’, the area of UX best practices have been progressing by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. So if you have not updated your site design, this might be something worth looking into.

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