10 Creative Domain Hacks and 5 Suggestions That Are Still Available

10 Creative Domain Hacks

Earlier this week, Google made a historic announcement that they were going to restructure their company, creating a new holding company named Alphabet. What was fascinating to us was the domain name where the new website was housed. In a typically Google way, they chose the cool domain hack abc.xyz. Which got us thinking, what are some other neat domain hacks out there? Here are 10 interesting name hacks we found:

1. The first recorded domain hack (that’s still in existence): Inter.net

According to this particular Wikipedia discussion, the oldest known domain hack seems to be inter.net which dates back to 1992. They are (somewhat anti-climatically) a web service provider in Argentina, Brazil and Germany.


2. King of the URL shorteners: bit.ly

When Twitter first started getting popular earlier this decade, people found that URLs of the links they were posting took up much of the 140 character limit. Bit.ly was an early (and efficient) link shortener that helped people keep under the limit. Many tech companies followed suit to keep the shortened links nicely branded – for example Instagram (instagr.am), Google (goo.gl) and YouTube (youtu.be)


3. The one that changed owners: blo.gs

Blo.gs was originally started by Yahoo! as an RSS aggregator for blogs, but since 2009 has transferred the domain ownership to Automattic, the company that runs WordPress.com


4. Speaking of WordPress: ma.tt

Matt Mullenweg’s (Founder of WordPress) personal site is a clever play on his name.


5. The work time calculator: flexiti.me

A neat tool that helps calculate your total work hours for the week for (*gasp*) timesheet purposes


6. Microsoft’s secret social sharing site: so.cl

Right out of Microsoft Research FUSE Labs, so.cl is a sharing site that helps people easily publish visual collages and animations onto social media.


7 – 10: Brands that end with a TLD: redd.it, pep.si, ti.me and bi.ng

Sometimes, a brand has the fortune of having a name that ends with an available TLD, making it a perfect opportunity to score a nicely shortened URL

Researching the above also inspired us to come up with cool domain hacks that are still currently available (at time of writing). You can grab them here

  • MircoDr.one
  • debonai.re
  • chil.life
  • homeba.se
  • backben.ch