10 Silly email signature mistakes you should avoid

According to a 2012 Baydin report, the average knowledge worker sends 40 emails a day. If they have an email signature, that’s 1,000 emails a month that carry the same message to a variety of recipients. If you are one of these people, you owe it to yourself to make sure you aren’t making any of these 10 silly mistakes. Or that your email signature looks like this:


Here a the list of problems with the above signature

1. Poor typography

It really isn’t excusable to use clashing colors or an inappropriate font anywhere, but your email signature definitely isn’t the place to experiment.

It used to be good practice to include the full URL, but that became unnecessary years ago when people very quickly became acquainted with the web. Now, it helps to reduce the clutter.

3. Including your email address

Ditto for including your email address as well. It is fairly obvious what your email address is.

4. Not including your country code if you deal with international stakeholders

Even if you don’t work with international, it’s helpful to include the prefix for your country’s code. For example, the United States code is +1. The code for India is +91.

5. Including a fax number

Really hate to be breaking it to you, but it’s 2015 and people don’t use fax machines anymore.

6. Not checking your spelling and grammar

We all make typos – but your email signature is something that is sent over and over and so the time spent checking is more than worth it

7. Using an image as your entire signature

It may seem convenient, but having an image as your signature is a bad idea. People like being able to copy and paste an address or phone number, or search for it. Images allow you to do neither.

It is unlikely that you are actively using more two or three of these services, and even if you do, you probably have one that you prefer, or is higher leverage. Focus on those instead.

9. Including every service you provide

It’s true that your email signature can make for an interesting place to house a message, but a list of services does not make the cut. It comes off as pushy.

10. Using a corny quote

Again, your email signature probably is not the right place, and most of the time receiving an email from someone is not the right time for any quote. Corny ones should be made illegal.

How to add an email signature in the One.com webmail application

It is easy to create a good signature using the webmail application. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log into your email account
  2. Go into your settings
  3. In the General tab, insert your signature and click save

This is what you should see, and away you go!