5 exercises to get out of a creative rut

We’ve all been there. Staring at a blank page/screen, not knowing where to begin as the deadline draws closer. Sometimes we just need a boost to get those creative juices flowing and then we’re unstoppable. So today we’ve pulled together a collection of quick exercises to get you to flex those brain muscles and getting creative!

Redesign a wordmark as a graphical logo

Many brands use a wordmark as a logo – why not redesign it as a graphic one? What would it look like at tiny sizes on a business card? How about a billboard or T-shirt? What if you only had 15 minutes? It doesn’t even matter what you come up with is good. Because sometimes coming at a different challenge might help you look at your problem from a different angle.¬†

My fifteen-minute logo clearly won’t win any awards¬†but was a fun exercise to get me excited for the rest of this article.

Draw cartoon characters

Most people go through their lives with the belief that they can’t draw. If you haven’t already, watch this video. Then use the inspiration to get doodling a bunch of cartoons while you wonder what other limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Design a watch face

Watchfaces are often something we don’t think too much about – but wearables are becoming increasingly trendy. That’s why digital watch faces are great canvases for you to think through the user interface implications of.

Image result for pebble watch face

Design an ‘inspirational’ quote

Regardless of what you believe about inspirational quotes, they are popular on social media, and many of them are poorly designed. Prove that you’re up to the challenge by taking one of them and focusing on one of these things – color, composition or typography and let your imagination go wild.

Merge two images that don’t belong together

Photoshop wars are a fun and popular activity on the internet, why not try it out yourself by combining two random images from Google image search and let your imagination run wild for awhile?