6 ways to spring clean your website without a redesign


Over the last week or so, I’ve been spring cleaning my digital presence to give it a fresh sense of life. There are some incredibly easy ways to give your website a makeover without breaking the bank for a full redesign. Here are six easy and awesome things you can do:

Start small with a custom favicon


A favicon is a little icon at the side of the address bar when you visit a site, or when you bookmark it. Using a favicon is a great way to give personality to your site and is surprisingly easy to do. All you need is a 32px by 32px (16 by 16 or 64 by 64 works too) .ico file (they’re the most widely accepted and easiest to implement).

To get it to work, just name the file favicon.ico and put it in the root folder of your website, and voila. While there are other ways to direct it in your HTML, this is the easiest way that is supported by all major browsers.

Put your Canva skills to the test with a new header


We’ve talked about Canva quite a bit in the past, but it really is an awesome tool. If your website header has been the same for awhile, it might be a good time to spruce it up with a new welcome banner, sharing your latest and greatest product or post.

Even better, make variations of the header image for your social media cover profiles/cover images. These images will give you a consistent look and update across all your various touch points.

Get a shiny new font


Typography matters. And these days, there is a wide variety of really good free ones for you to choose from on the web. Gone are the days where you were limited to just the 11 ‘core’ web-safe fonts, and now you can have some truly amazing combinations – like the ones we’ve written about here.

Declutter your sidebars

Over time, many a sidebar has become a mess of widgets that at one point was a cool thing to include. Have a look through your sidebar units – do you have a ‘blogroll’ circa 2008? That should go, as would navigation menus that no one ever clicks on (Google Analytics can do the job of helping you check). Not only does this visually simplify your website for your users but also helps your website load much, much faster.

Make new banners

Did you come up with a new product or service? Maybe there’s a newsletter you’d like people to sign up to. A great way to do this is to make a classy banner to direct the attention to your exciting new thing worthy of attention.

Change up your color template


In the earlier days of blogging, many ‘themes’ were just palette swaps of the blogging engine’s default colors. Often times, a fresh color palette is more than enough to make your page look brand new. And like many other things, there are easy to use and awesome tools you can find online to find a palette that tickles you fancy and suits your needs. I have found Coolors to be tremendously helpful when it comes to finding colors that look good together.

What are some of the ways you’ve used to spring clean your website?