6 free and awesome WordPress themes for your next redesign

The problem with getting a new theme for your WordPress website redesigned is that you’re spoilt for choice. With a large community of developers and designers creating thousands of themes, it might seem like a daunting challenge to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Fortunately, many of these are free so the only cost associated with trying them out is your time investment. That’s why today we are here to save you some of that time by sharing 7 free themes that have caught our eye recently.

For News Sites – Awaken

The Awaken theme is an elegant magazine style layout that is structured with different sections. It is crafted beautifully and is built in such as way that scales up with your operations. There is also a Pro paid version that gives you access to more features such as AJAX widgets and more slides.

For Restaurants/Cafes – Auberge

Auberge - Restaurant WordPress theme

Auberge is an excellent theme customized for restaurants and cafes, with specific sections for menus and reservations. It is laid out in a clean and minimalist fashion and is attractive for anyone who wants to get going quickly.

For more formal websites that need many sections – EduPress

Sometimes, websites need to support a huge information architecture. This means giving visitors a quick way to access the information they are looking for in as few clicks as possible. EduPress is a great theme to do just that. It has a modern, clean design that while isn’t quite the minimalist style that is in vogue right now, makes it easy to navigate.

For small businesses that need WooCommerce support – Athena

Athena is a great theme with built in support for WooCommerce, and other features geared for small businesses. The pro version further extends functionality.

For people who want a bold look for their site – Tracks

Tracks is a theme that creates a different look from the usual Bootstrap-styled sites. It creates a distinctive layout that is perfect for personal blogs or magazines.

For photographers and highly visual websites – Morphology Lite

Morphology Lite is a highly visual theme for WordPress. It lets you create attractive websites with lots of images. For example, if you’re a photographer or designer. If you’re looking to integrate eCommerce, the pro version has WooCommerce integration built in.

Hopefully, this helps you move ahead with trying a new WordPress theme for your new website redesign.