7 ways to freshen up your website for the new year

headerThe new year is a great time to think about giving your website a bit of a spring clean. Keeping your website up-to-date and fresh doesn’t have to be a major, time-consuming project. Here are 8 ideas to give your website a fresh coat of paint.

1.Use a new theme or template

Changing your website theme or template is a quick and easy way to give your website a whole new look, while not having to change too much of the content. Most of these systems are built modularly so that existing content is redeployed safely and nicely onto the new page. If you’re using our Website Builder, we are always releasing new templates, otherwise, if you’re on WordPress, there are thousands of free and paid themes for you to choose from.

2. Try out a new color scheme

A subtle way to give your website a new look is to change up the color scheme. Even changing something as simple as the accent color you use for your links might change up the look enough to make people notice. If you’re looking for inspiration, how about Pantone’s color of the year?

3. Change up your main visuals

If your site header/slider has not been changed in awhile, it is definitely worth looking into. The main visuals are one of the most clicked through things on your website. Do you have a new product or offer? It would be worthwhile creating an asset that drives people to that in particular.

4. Introduce new calls to action

Keeping the same call to action on your site for a long period is a sure way for returning users to see it as part of the background. Even if you simply rotate the copy, or offer, it would give potential customers a chance to find something new they may not have been previously aware of.

5. Speed up your website for mobile with AMP

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open source initiative to help publishers easily get their content optimized for mobile. By following the tutorial, you can create pages that seem to load instantaneously on mobile. The reasons are somewhat technical, but Google has begun to roll out these pages on their search results, even giving AMP-supported pages an SEO boost.

6. Change the look of your newsletter

Newsletters are great for driving traffic back to your website. By changing the look, it is no longer stale and signals to your recipients that there might be new and exciting content on your website. It might be one of the best ROI investments you can make, given the number of people that could potentially return to your website.

7. Introduce social media banners

Finally, you can also introduce new banners promoting your social media channels. This lets fans of your site follow your updates in an organic way. Almost all of the main social channels have options to create ready-made HTML banners you can drop into your site.