How to add images to your WordPress navigation menu

As readers of this blog know, around here we are fans of WordPress. One of the reasons is that its open sourced library of plugins allow you to tweak virtually any aspect of it. Otherwise, there is always information online on how to add the functionality into the functions.php file if you were so technically inclined. This means that not being able to do something in WordPress is rarely a good excuse as chances are, someone else faced the problem you did too, and has a solution.

Case in point. Recently, I wanted to add an image to the navigation menu on one of the websites I was working on. Unforunately, this isn’t functionality that is built into WordPress by default. After some Googling around and testing various plugins/solutions, here is the plugin I found to have worked best (at least for my purposes).

The Menu Image plugin


The Menu Image plugin is an easy-to-use and lightweight WordPress plugin created by Alex Davyskiba specially for this purpose. It gives you the option of putting an image on any side of the text, or replacing the text altogether while still keeping the link intact.

To install the plugin,  go to your WordPress admin page. In the Plugins menu, click on the Add New. Then search for Menu Image, and install the plugin by Alex. Once that is done, go ahead and activate it. That’s all the setup you need to do.

To add an image to your menu item, go to the Appearance / Menu in the Admin page, and expand the menu item you’d like to have an image for. You should see the following submenu: 


In this window, you will find all the options which should be quite self-explanatory. Depending on the theme you use, your menu may need further styling, but that’s an article for another time. Hopefully this one has helped you learn how to add images into your navigation menus in WordPress.