Choosing The Best Email Apps For Your Mobile Phone


Dealing with email on the go should be fast and simple using your mobile phone. Sure, both iOS and Android come with email apps built in. Unfortunately, both lack modern and essential features that lets you get back to your day so much more quickly.

It’s simple – a great email app should be beautifully designed, load quickly and be intuitive to use for multiple accounts. Depending on how you process your email, that could mean easy archiving and scheduling of email, a focused inbox or connectivity for all your various email accounts.

Today, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mobile email apps that work with the email you’ve created with your account. So if you’re looking to upgrade, you’ve come to the right place!


Airmail (US$4.99)


As an iPhone user and email app enthusiast, I’ve gone through at least 6 email apps in the last year, and by far my favorite one is the newly launched Airmail. There’s plenty to like. It is fast and has a clean and intuitive interface. It allows you to customize swipes to perform different tasks. It even lets you label emails from different accounts in different colors, making it easy to have a quick browse.

That being said, the key to using Airmail is to invest upfront in customizing it to suit your needs. It also comes at a relatively high price tag at US$4.99. But for the time it saves down the road, it has been totally worth it.

Outlook (Free)


Outlook surprised me. It has a rather minimalist aesthetic. The Focused Inbox is also very, very good, filtering important emails that require attention into a tab, and everything else to an ‘others’ tab where I can get to later. It also integrates the calendar into the App, so you can schedule, accept or decline meeting requests on the fly without having to leave Outlook.


Gmail For Android (Free)


If you’re using Android, the Gmail app is the best way to go. It supports other accounts (not just Gmail) and is lightning fast. Gmail offers a Unified Inbox and you can temporarily mute threads until a later time. It is also beautifully designed.

WeMail (Free)


WeMail is an interesting take on email if you trust its AI. It tries to optimize the experience by taking up some of the heavy-lifting for you, helping you organize your email in a way that saves time and reduces the amount of scrolling needed. It even proudly tells you how much time and how many scrolls it has saved you. It employs a card design so you can ‘snack’ on each email without having to open them. The downside to this is that the number of emails displayed is limited.