Why you should consider Bing in addition to Google Adwords

When most people think of search advertising, Google is usually the first answer that comes to mind. And why not? As of January 2017 netmarketshare shows that Google has a global market share of  80.47%. However, if that’s what you think, you might be missing out on a great opportunity with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Today we’re going to discuss some reasons why Bing might be something you’d want to consider.

1. It is less competitive on Bing

Keywords on Google AdWords can sometimes be highly competitive, especially when it is broad and in a popular category. It can thus get expensive to be certain that enough people will see your advertisements in a period of time. This is potentially a huge setback if you have a time-sensitive promotion or a new product launch. Fortunately, the situation is reversed with Bing where it can be cheaper to get the impressions as there are fewer people bidding on the average keyword.

2. You reach higher spending consumers

According to a June 2016 comScore study in the United States, they found that the audience on the Bing Network tends to spend up to 25% more than the average person searching for something online. This is great news for your business – even if you don’t have an eCommerce presence yet, you are still more likely to reach people that have the purchasing power to get your products. This can be seen with UK SEM company Attacat reporting that their clients actually see a better ROI on Bing search.

3. Microsoft is aggressively expanding into new territories

If you haven’t been paying attention to recent technology news, the Bing search engine is now powering the next wave of devices/apps such as Amazon’s Alexa on Kindle Fire, Siri and Uber. What this means for you is that while Google might still be the default, Bing often used in potential situations of decisions because it is the default engine. That might further drive purchases or visits to your business.

4. For small businesses, search market share is irrelevant as long as there is a minimum threshold

The truth is that for most small businesses without a huge search marketing budget, as long as there is a minimum critical search volume, the overall market share does not matter as much as other factors. This is because as a small business you are unlikely to expand all the impressions against your keywords. Thus you should focus on other factors such as absolute volume and competition.