Customer story: Tim Borch, Booking Agent

“ is all about offering simple and user-friendly products to both entry-level and professional users. We are proud and happy to bring you some stories from customers who benefit from these solutions. Meet Booking Agent Tim Borch, who uses hosting for several of his artist’s websites.”

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Booking Agent Tim Borch holds the company B Entertained together with his business partner Martin. The small booking agency handles booking arrangements, tour plans and online presence for 9-10 different comedians, who all have an individual website linked to them. The websites for the comedians Phillip Devantier and the British comedian Conrad Molden are hosted by

They established the websites two years ago and chose as their hosting company because they had colleagues with good experiences. Tim does the work and maintenance of the websites in close dialogue with the comedians.

Needed to sell tickets

Being a booking agent, you have to provide the customers with easy access to ticket sales, tour plans and background information about the comedians. “We needed a place to refer customers, concerning all necessary information about a tour with Conrad Molden, we were going to sell”. Therefore, all individual artists now have their unique website, with the purpose of selling tickets to their shows and provide tour plans and available dates for all other types of booking requests.

Besides booking and selling tickets, the essential features of the unique websites, are to give customers a possibility to view small pieces of their comedy shows and to read more about the comedians and their careers.

Philip devantier

A website with was the simple solution

The fact that a site with is simple to maintain was significant to Tim and the artists as they often don’t have the time and experience with building and creating websites. ”What I appreciate most about the website, is that it is easy to maintain”, Tim says. “We have always handled the development of material and graphical features for the website ourselves, but we have had someone helping us with design and service. However, we are getting more familiar with WordPress, to be able to handle this ourselves.”

The websites are most active when the comedians have upcoming shows or tours, but they still get a fair amount of traffic and visitors. Even though most of the bookings come through a third-party portal or by ‘word of mouth’, they often get organic bookings/inquiries via the website, says Tim.

When asked, if they have considered a financial aspect when choosing, Tim replies “we have not thought much about, whether one specific hosting company was cheaper than another. But I recently received an e-mail from, saying that they could help with SEO via the tool MarketGoo for a fairly small amount, which I accepted. That kind of service certainly makes more attractive, rather than a cheaper solution, where we have to go out and find these things ourselves or find people to help us – it takes a lot of our time.”

In the pipeline – maybe adding an Online Shop?

In the future, Tim hopes to be able to build a more significant online community, for people who visit their comedian’s shows. A place to review, discuss, recommend and share experiences – and maybe to add an Online Shop to the sites as well.

At we wish Tim and B Entertained all the best, and we are of course ready to help, guide and support both him and others, who are planning for similar endeavors.

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