Customer Story: is all about offering simple and user-friendly products to both entry-level and professional users. We are proud and happy to bring you some stories from customers who benefit from these solutions. Meet florist Lars Jon who brought extra profit to his business by extending his website with an Online Shop via

lars jon at his flowerstore

Meet Lars Jon

Florist Lars Jon owns the company “Flower Studio”; a studio working with flowers in all possible ways. It is both a place to buy bouquets, plants, and presents, but the business also offers events such as florist courses, publishing of books and making TV appearances. All this to inspire people in different ways via flowers.

Lars’ husband and business partner, Andreas, is helping out with running and maintaining the company on a daily basis. Together they opened their first physical store “Flower Studio” at Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen in August 2017. Already in December of the same year, they opened another department at Kurhotel Skodsborg in the orangery of the hotel.


Expanding business with an online platform

Recently Lars Jon and Andreas decided to expand their business by adding an Online Shop to the hosted website: From here they sell flowers, flower boxes, flower subscriptions, DIY materials, and courses in decoration.

Lars Jon and Andreas knew from the beginning that a modern business needs a website. “It goes without saying that your business has to be easy to find online – otherwise people quickly suspect that it does not exist at all. That’s why we have been very active on social media from the start.”

Being very active on social media, they did not initially have a plan to establish an Online Shop. But the business grew fast, and within half a year, the company went from 0 to 4000 followers on Facebook – and 4500 followers on Instagram.

With this growth came customer demands. Customers were suddenly requesting the possibility to serve themselves by placing orders online. “We quickly felt we had to comply with these demands.” Facebook and Instagram are vital for interacting with customers but not suitable as sales platforms, so they needed to find another solution to meet the increasing demand for placing orders online.

That’s why Lars Jon and Andreas decided to add an Online Shop to the website, as this is possible at This wasn’t decided without a headache since neither of the two partners had any knowledge about building an Online Shop and thought it to be quite complicated.

The simple and easy solution

With the usual time constraint and handling all the practicalities when establishing a new store and also to get a website up and running, Lars and Andreas describe it as “easy to choose the solution from where you can build the website as you would have in Photoshop or PowerPoint.”

Furthermore, Andreas, being the one to handle both website and the shop, did not have a great experience with either coding or setting up a site in WordPress. “If we have to be honest, the choice of as the platform for website and online shop was not a big strategic choice. At first, it was the easy choice”, they say.

What initially made Lars and Andreas choose the solution from was the simplicity and user-friendly approach to the products.

“Honestly, maybe it’s not as beautiful as a page built in WordPress – but on the other hand, you have the flexibility to always model your pages as you like, and we would not have that opportunity in a more closed down template.”

Already having their website hosted at, made Lars Jon and Andreas move forward with also establishing an Online Shop. And for their wants and needs, working with the Online Shop was the right fitting choice.

“It was incredibly easy to set up, and it fitted into the design of the website and immediately looked beautiful. It only took an afternoon actually, and it worked. It’s a simple Online Shop and we could use features like promotional codes as well.”

Increased revenue with an Online Shop

Less than a year after opening their first physical stores, business is going well. We asked to emphasize which products or features from have done something positive for the company. Lars Jon and Andreas think that both the website program and the online shop make a big difference. “It has been easy to start up, use and maintain. It provides a result that addresses and covers our needs.” In fact, they go as far as to state, that the Online Shop has proven to be a real contribution by having a clear impact on the company’s revenue.

About with only 38 years, Lars Jon has already over 20 years of experience working with flowers in a variety of ways. He has had several executive positions in flower shops and for many years created ideas for flowers and decor for Danish fashion magazines. He even taught at the flower school in Iceland and created inspirational demonstrations with flower ideas for decorators throughout the Nordic region. He has published three books on decoration and binding and displayed ideas for flowers both in the TV show Go’morgen Danmark (Danish morning TV-show) and his own program series.