Digital Asset Management: Why You Should Care

As your business and digital requirements expand, managing assets like logos, images, videos and copy can become an unwieldy mess. Trying to track down the latest (approved) files from different parties and agencies, each holding a different piece of the puzzle is the bane of many a project manager.

Enter digital asset management (DAM) systems. They act as central repositories that house, catalogue, and deliver digital files. This streamlines workflows and provides file access to multiple users from a single place. So why should you care? Isn’t this, after all, a decision that is made by the IT department?

1. Reduced confusion

If you’ve had to work with several people on a large project, you would know that keeping track of the latest changes to production assets can sometimes be a source of confusion. Even more so if people are working in parallel. Having a DAM system in the first place helps to reduce (or even eliminate) this confusion by keeping all the first in one place.

2. Separation of concerns

In the past, there was a valid concern about security and privacy when it comes to having a centralized server that everyone has access too. With any modern DAM, you are able to set privilege levels for people in different teams. Thus, a design agency or a social media person who only needs access to certain files are able to without breaching your privacy.

3. Connecting people previously in silos

With mordern DAMs, people in teams are now also better able to interact with each other, giving pointers and tips for certain files such as brand guidelines.

4. There are several great open sourced options that plug into your existing workflow

Of course, there are enterprise and custom solutions you can use but these days there are great open source options that lets you get started quickly and easily. DAMs like Razuna and EnterMedia even have plugins for other tools like WordPress to make your workflow even more streamlined. They even have a JSON API you can hook up other services such as social media!