Eduard – 10 year anniversary

“What keeps an employee at the same company for a decade?”

At, a lot of good colleagues have come and left through the years. Many though have also wanted to continue their carrier with the company. Our great colleague Eduard is one of them. In fact, he just celebrated his 10 year anniversary. Eduard began his career in, from our office in Dubai and in 2016 he got the chance to move to the Philippines to work with the new Support team based in Cebu.

We asked Eduard to tell us what has motivated him, and what will keep him here for 10 more.

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary – so, who is the renowned Eduard?

“I am Eduard; everyone calls me Ed except for my wife who calls me Dy, short for Daddy. I am 42 years old with 3 children. I love being around with people; it makes my world more colourful and lively! I love taking photographs too and of course watching movies.”

What would you say has kept you at for 10 years?

“The People! From management to my colleagues. That is why I like working with The culture is unique and not every company has it, and I am one of the lucky ones to be part of it. This is the beauty of working for this company. There is no boring moment unless you deny yourself from finding happiness at work. The best thing is that lets you be the person you want to be, of course, all in a good way. As you spend more time here, the more you mature and do things better. The opportunities are there, it is all about how you find and take that chance, and then to embrace it.” employee with anniversary cake

“Ed is our Mr Sunshine in the office. He is a cool person to work with.” – Jennifer, a colleague from English Support

Is there anything in special you look forward to when coming to work?

“I honestly do not see it as work; I see it as something I love doing, not because I need to do it. I get excited about what the day will be like at the office. Seeing colleagues, talking and laughing with them. Share ideas and thoughts to make the team even better. “I rarely handle difficult customers like years ago, but the feeling of accomplishment when I can help, pacify or make some customers understand issues and make them happy is still rewarding to me.”

anniversary cake

The years at, what have they given you?

“Over the years I have learned a lot. It was – and still is – a give and take relationship. I would like to think, that I have contributed to the teams I have worked with, and I know there are still a lot of things that I need to do. At the same time, has given me a lot too, such as opportunities and chances. They have been patient with me, and most importantly they have given me their TRUST!

“Eduard is my superior but also like a big brother to me and he is my mentor. He motivates me. He’s been a good influence not only for me but the new supporters as well.” – Michelle, a colleague from English Support

“To be honest, I am grateful for Ed’s personality. Ed deserves much more credit in keeping the workplace fun, and you’d definitely look forward to going to work every day.” – Brian, a colleague from English Support

What will keep you at for 10 more years?

“What is happening right now, is what will make me work longer. All that I envisioned seems to be happening with the support and help of the management. I see a better and brighter future for the team, and I want to witness that future, especially as the support in Cebu is new. I am confident that it will be a great team and I want to be part of it.”

“I have known Eduard from the day he joined He was promoted as a Senior Supporter within two years because of his good work. He is revered and respected by everyone as someone who knows the support inside and out. That’s because he has walked in their shoes – from being a supporter to becoming a senior to now being a Shift-in-Charge. He is one of the most awesome co-workers I have worked with. His help has made my job a lot easier and more fun. I look forward to achieving future successes with him for years to come.” – Dinesh, Team Manager

Thanks for sharing, Ed – and once again, congratulations on the anniversary!