How to embed your Google Maps location on your website.

headerIf you have a physical location for your business, a map is often a great addition to your website. It helps your customers find their way there, especially new ones. And who wouldn’t want new customers?

As it turns out, there is a better way to create a map on your website than to use a static image. It is amazingly easy to embed the Google Map location on your website Рand there are distinct benefits.

Firstly, Google Maps is already something many people are familiar with and so that would be a quick UX win. Furthermore, an embedded Google Map also comes with a lot of extra functionality you would not otherwise get access to, like the ability to zoom in/out, or to launch the map in a full page Google Map link or get directions. Again, all this makes it much easier for customers to find you.

So how do you embed a map using the Website Builder? Easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Search for your location
  3. Click on Share / Embed
  4. Select your desired map size and copy the embed link
  5. Go to your Website Builder
  6. Click and drag the ‘Code’ component where you want the map
  7. Paste the code in the code window
  8. Resize as needed
  9. Publish, and voila! Your map is ready for your customers to use