4 tools to jazz up your email marketing game


Email marketing is an effective tool to stay connected with your customers. Done well, your emails can be something your customers look forward to receiving, anticipating new and exciting announcements about your products and promotions.  Despite this, there are some quirks you have to work around when creating a good email. At its heart, emails are built in HTML, but they don’t support linking to an external stylesheet. Worse, different email clients sometimes display emails differently. Nonetheless, there are several great tools you can use to really help you be sure your emails look amazing to your customers and here are five of our favorites.

Really good emails

Really good emails is a website that does what it says on the label. It is a hall of fame of sorts for awesome emails sorted by category. if you ever need inspiration for a email newsletter or blast, this should be one of the first places you go to.

Foundation for Emails


Foundation is known for being a fantastic CSS/Javascript framework.  Lesser known, though, is that they have an offering that uses the same technology optimized for email. This means that all the hard work of creating responsive grids and common UI patterns that work for common email clients. It also converts your CSS into an inline version, rapidly speeding up your workflow.



Speaking of making your emails look good on different email clients, Litmus should definitely be in your toolbox. Litmus shows you screengrabs of your email on 50+ apps, devices, and clients in seconds. It generates screenshots for each and puts those screenshots on a single page so it’s easy for you to review to see if your email breaks down on a certain device.



Premailer is a tool that allows you quickly perform routine tasks that clean and speed up your emails. It removes comments, unused classes, and ids from your html. Also, it makes sure your links are changed from relative to absolute ones. That way, you are never embarrassed by a dead link.

These are just some of our favorite tools that help improve our email process. Do you have any you’d like to add? Let us know!

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