5 Google Fonts combinations for your next website


Google Fonts is a great tool that we use often in our designs. In the past, we’ve blogged about how you can start with pairing fonts (not just Google’s). But today, we’re excited to share some of our favorite Google Font combinations we use to get awesome looking typography.

  1. Montserrat + Open Sans
    Google Fonts Montserrat + Open Sans

    Montserrat is easily one of our favorite fonts for headings. It commands attention and paired with Open Sans,  your typography looks elegant and classy.

  2. Raleway + Roboto
    Google Fonts Raleway + Roboto
    Raleway is an incredible font that is popular with designers for headings. When you increase the spacing and put it in all caps, it gives an excellent effect. Matched with Roboto, it creates enough contrast but retains enough of the same characteristics that make it look balanced.

  3. Oxygen + Source Sans Pro
    Google Fonts Oxygen + Source Sans Pro

    Designed for multiple devices and reading even at small sizes, this font pair lends itself very well to an attention grabbing header and a longer body copy.

  4. Volkorn + Raleway Light
    Google Fonts Volkorn + Raleway

    Volkorn is a cool looking serif font that gives an air of luxury to many designs. Paired with Raleway, it makes your copy look like it might as well be hanging in an art gallery.

  5. Clicker Script & EB Garamond
    Google Fonts Clicker + EB Garamond

    Here’s something a lot more playful and whimsical. Pairing Clicker Script and the venerable Garamond, you get something that looks great on both a cupcake or invitation card!

And there you have our current favorite font pairings, what are yours?

If you want to try out these font combinations in your website you made with Website Builder, here is a guide showing you how you Google Web Fonts in the Website Builder.

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