How to capture emails without annoying your visitors

header-2Even in 2016, email lists are one of the most important online assets for many businesses. They not only give you one a recurring source of visitor attention but are also effective when it comes to lifting brand and giving conversions.  The problem, though, is that much of how emails are captured today is annoying to the visitor. Think of overlays with tiny and hard to see close buttons which don’t go away until you give them your email. Fortunately, there are ways to ask a visitor to sign up for your list politely and that’s what we’re talking about today!

The most important thing is to create awesome content

If you don’t have compelling content that provides value, it doesn’t matter how clever your email capture tactics are. Sure, you can try to bribe them with a download or force them to sign up before they even view your content, but this is ultimately counter-productive. The whole point is to build positive momentum for your brand, and coercing people to get on your list is not a promising start. Instead, focus on creating content so good that people are happy to sign up so that they don’t miss out and are updated whenever you have something new to share.

Show a popup modal overlay but only if a visitor reaches the end of a page

Modal overlays are one of the most effective tactics to use as they take up prime real estate and are hard to ignore. By triggering it only when a visitor gets to the end of a page, you are not interrupting what they were doing. In fact, since they got to the end of the page, there is a good chance they found it useful and are thus more likely to sign up for updates.

Create a signup form at the end of your content

If you still find modal overlays too intrusive, you can also house your subscribe form at the end of your content. The idea is the same, just more subtle. By inviting visitors to get updates on content they already seem to enjoy, it is a way to build your content help build your email list for you. Here is an example from Social Media Examiner


Give them a content bonus

If you have a longer form version of the content you post on your site, you can use it to reward people who sign up to your email list. For example, if your business is about social media marketing, signing up for the email list might give your users templates and in-depth information, all valuable to someone who might be potentially interested in hiring social media marketing help.

Create a welcome pack for new people

If you have created a lot of content over the years, it could appear intimidating for first-time visitors. Welcome packs are often a great solution. You could send them a welcome email with links to previous evergreen articles as a starting point. Even better, you could use a tool like Mailchimp to send a drip campaign, sending them previous articles spaced over time, ensuring that your leads are slowly nurtured.

Code College does a good job of this, making it integrate nicely with their offer at their homepage.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-1-05-13-pm


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