Creating pages in the new Website Builder

headerIn the past, creating a new page in the Website Builder was a little bit of a time-consuming process. Previously, you had to duplicate a page and then delete anything you did not want before finding the optimal layout for the page.

With the newest update, this process has been made much easier. You can now create blank template pages. If you need some inspiration for the layout of the page, there are 30+ layouts to choose from, with images, the Webshop, example text, headlines, buttons, contact forms etc. They are divided into categories, making it easy to find something suitable.

These categories include: About, Contact, CV, Gallery, News, Portfolio, Price list/Menu, FAQ, Shop, Video, and Landing.

When you go into the template selection page, thumbnails show the general layout. Hovering over the Preview button also generates a full-color example.


If you are anything like me, you’ve changed your mind about the entire style of your page at least once. Or maybe you just want to see what your site would look like with another template. We regularly release new templates as well so your site can always look fresh.

Another new feature is the ability to add a new template with all the belonging pages. Clicking the Explore templates link at the bottom of the new page window gives you the freedom to create a new page look without affecting the current page or page templates. Just copy/paste over any text or image components you want to reuse for a new website and you’re good to go. It is that simple.

At, we are always striving to make your experience better, and the updated Website Builder is just one way we are doing just that – why not check out this feature from the Website Builder? For even more great tips on how to better use the Website Builder, head over to the Guides page.

About the author: Lykke Madsen

Lykke is a technical supporter with and is part of the group of Super Users that help customers, supporters and developers to understand, use and improve the Website Builder. Her interests include needlework, baking, web design and solving mysteries, though mainly where the remote went.



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