Five Free Icon Fonts For Freebie Friday

Icon fonts are a thing of beauty. The core idea is to have the icon vectors converted a webfont and voila, you have a set of malleable icons that you can scale, color and make interactive. Think the classic Windows Dingbats font, but actually useful. It’s not just for convenience sake either. According to Pictonic, they have performance advantages as well like a reduced file size and loading speed.

Today we have rounded up some of our favorite free font icons you can consider using in your next project:

1) Font Awesome

Font Awesome Icon Font Header |

Font Awesome one of the most widely used icon fonts you would surely recognize. Now on version 4.4.0, it has had multiple iterations to perfect its look.

2) Open Iconic

Open Iconic Header Explanation |

The open sourced sibling of font, Open Iconic is a great lightweight font (almost 4x smaller than font awesome). It was designed first and foremost for legibility so you can shrink it down to 8px and have it still readable. It plugs into commonly used web frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation to boot!

3) Icomoon

IcoMoon Icon Font |

Icomoon is also another great option to get uniquely delightful icons. You can select only the specific ones you want, and it would generate the fonts for you. This ensures it is as lightweight as possible. If you’re feeling creative, you can even upload and create your own icons.

4) Typicons

Typicon Icon Font

Typicons is a set of 336 icons that have a rounder, friendly visual style. I’m not sure about you, but the set of weather icons look really amazing and is sure to appear on the blog soon!

5) Aiconica

Aiconia Icon Font |

While not a font, we felt like Aiconia was worth adding as you can pick the size and color before downloading an individual icon. Clocking in at over 1,000 icons, they have a wide range of beautifully designed icons in different categories. While you may lose the speed and convenience of an icon font, sometimes all you need is a single icon which Aiconica has a ton of.

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