How to write a welcoming about page

AboutHeaderThe about page is a critical part of your site. A reader usually lands there after they’ve invested some time into your site. Maybe they’ve checked out a product they’re interested in or read an inspiring blog post. The about page can thus be likened to a warm virtual handshake that introduces you. A memorable about page not only gives insight about you but also endears you to the reader, encouraging them to stick around for more.

The secret is that it’s not actually really about you (okay, maybe just a little)

Like any piece of content you create, you need to be writing to your audience. Give them a reason to like what you’re doing or why they should stay. Maybe a sentence like “If you like X, Y, and Z, you’ll be right at home here” would help set the context for what they can expect.

About your site/blog: Tell the truth, in your own voice

While the facts are important, a simple list is something of a lost opportunity. With each fact/achievement, there usually is a great story of why or how it happened. When told from your perspective, it becomes very personal and authentic – both things you want to convey.

The part about you

Finally, you get to talk about yourself! Definitely show your personality, but mainly your anecdotes should try to relate to your blog or business, even if it’s only loosely connected.

Call To Action

Since someone has just taken the time to go through your about page, giving them something to do next, like subscribing for a newsletter or reading some of your older posts might be a good way to retain the interest in your site as well.

Treat it as a draft. Share it early and update it regularly.

One other thing – your ‘about page’ should be regularly updated as times change. There is a strange sense of disconnect whenever I visit an about page that is obviously outdated. It is a nice place to give updates about what you’ve been up to anyway.

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