Seven Google tools you may not know about


Apart from their domination in the search, free email and maps spaces, Google is known for pursuing many side projects. While not everything makes it to prime time (yeah, we’re still sad about Google Reader), there are some Google tools that are relatively obscure which you may find fascinating or useful. Today we’re going to highlight seven great Google Tools.


Google Trends is a great tool for a few reasons. The first is that it shows a quick overview of what the most popular search terms in a country are so you can be better informed about what the masses are thinking about.

The other incredibly useful thing about Google Trends is that you can search and compare the trends of keywords you select. For example, there is a cyclical trend for people to be more interested in soup during the winter months of the year.


2. Think With Google


Think With Google houses a lot of information, combining Google’s proprietary data as well as commissioned research to give consumer insights in many categories. The site also houses case studies that brands have deployed.

3. Public Data Explorer


Public Data Explorer is also a great Google tool that uses publicly available data from global providers such as the World Bank and IMF. Its software allows you to then analyze the data, comparing countries or groups of countries across a wide spectrum of topics. Be prepared to sink some time into this one.

4. Google Sky


Google Sky is a spin-off from Google Earth in partnership with NASA and other agencies. It maps out the Sky using images from the Hubble Telescope for some amazing images of the sky. They also have options to overlay other things like constellation maps as well.

5. Google Fonts


We’ve spoken about Google Fonts previously on the blog but is something that’s too good not to share again. It’s a collection of free fonts you can easily use for your website, giving it a custom, sleeker look.

6. Display Benchmarks Tool


If you’re at all buying display banners, Google’s benchmark tool allows you to see how your performance stacks up to others from your market and vertical. That’s not all, the site also houses a gallery of well executed rich media banners

7. Angular JS

Google Tools Angular

This one’s definitely for the nerdy. Angular JS is an open sourced web application Framework mostly maintained by Google. They just announced their 2.0 beta today, so I thought to include it here. Worth checking out if you’re a web developer!

So there you have it, seven great Google Tools for your using pleasure!

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