Should you hire a professional to build your website?

Should you hire a professional to build your website? |

These days, the barriers to entry of creating a website have never been lower. With tools like our easy to use Website Builder, you don’t even need to write a line of code to get started. Designers are now hired to create beautiful templates for these tools that people can use and customize at scale – giving the consumer more choice at lower prices. But that is not to say there no longer is a place for custom designed sites – there are definitely very compelling reasons to do so. So let’s look at the pros and cons of each choice.

Hiring A Professional

If you didn’t know how to code, hiring a professional used to be the only option if you wanted to create your own site. They used to be able to get away with charging a small fortune for doing just the basic things. Nowadays it is a hugely competitive market. Many web designers no longer just do design but also things like content strategy and CMS integration.

You should hire a professional when

  1. You need a highly custom design with animations and interactive elements
  2. You rather deal with people than with technicals – you can articulate your views and have the designer work it into the site
  3. You need a site that integrates into other systems – for example if you want to go beyond just the basic social media sharing functions and get people to sign up for a newsletter using their social media profile

Things to factor in your consideration

  1. Cost – hiring a professional usually costs more, but with good reason. They provide support and have their previous experiences to tap on.
  2. Project management and time – the designer may not be intimately familiar with the ins and outs of your industry and business, so there would be a period of onboarding and familiarization.

Building Your Own Site

As we’ve touched on, there are many site builder tools you can use these days and each has their own set of templates and functionalities. On top of that CMS like WordPress have an active theme design community where you can find many free and premium themes to get your site up and running in no time.

You should build your own site when

  1. You need a simple, but beautiful page – there are many existing templates you can adapt to make your own
  2. You have cost constraints – while there are costs you will need to pay whichever the method (web hosting, domain name) these are relatively small costs. For everything else you need to get your site up and running, there is a plethora of free web tools you can use.
  3. You can foresee many small changes in the future – knowing how to add and change the content on your site allows you to make them quickly and efficiently

Things to consider

  1. Time investment in learning how to use the tool/system. Many (like ours) are easy to use and click and drag so if you are able to use Microsoft Office, creating a site (especially using templates) is simple enough for most
  2. Support comes in a different form – with a professional, you can just call them and they will bill you for the service. With web builders, web hosting companies like us provide 24/7 customer support that would be happy to help you at no extra charge but may not be intimately familiar with your site.

In conclusion, there has never been a more exciting time to create your own website. With the range of options available, there is definitely something that would suit your circumstances and needs!

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