Website Builder Up Close: The Heisengard Template

Using a template in the Website Builder is one of the fastest ways to get your website up and running quickly. We’ve recently released Heisengard, which has quickly become one of my favorite website designs for visual storytelling. Today we’re going to show some of the key highlights.

The template comes with four customizable layouts which make them flexible – but let’s start at the Home page:

Heisenberg Home Page

The default home page

The default home page makes use of large imagery to pull the reader closer to the subject. The multiple sections also make it a natural jumping off point to various parts of your website. In our last post, we spoke about using a card style design.

Heisengard has a novel use. By putting two equal sized cards side by side, it looks like two sides of the same card, especially with the differing font sizes and weights. This creates an inviting feel akin to receiving an invitation card, gently encouraging the reader to click through to what’s behind.

card sectionWe could go on about the other sections, but in reality they are all quite straight forward – they are intuitive, give you options to use the best one for your content and best of all they look great!

On to the ‘Our Travels’ page

The ‘Our Travels’ page is chock full of goodness as well:

1. The two column text layout

two column copy

This means that uploading your files and organizing them in a way that makes sense for your read is hassle free. Clicking on the image also pulls up a lightbox that lets the reader see the image in its glory without distractions.


The gallery and lightbox component in action

3. Image slider with caption

For the series of images that you must show in order – the slider is a great component to use as well, allowing your readers to see the images in the sequence they were meant to! gallery screenshot


4. Social media style profile header

Creating a callout for yourself in the style of Facebook, Twitter and Medium is also easy with the Website Builder – Heisengard comes with a great example you can adapt:


About the about page

The about page is a neat remix of many of the sections and components we spoke about earlier, showing you just how versatile the Website Builder is just by mixing and matching what you need! Heisenberg About

Last but not least, the contact page

Having a website where people can reach you without jumping into their email client used to be something you needed a web designer for. Now, creating a form people can use to contact you directly is just a matter of inputting the email you want the form to send the message to in the Website Builder options.

contact form

And here’s the best part – all the features we spoke about can be copied and moved around to any page.

Give the Heisengard template a spin today – it is completely free if you’re a customer. Just log into your control panel.

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