Why Instagram Ads Should Be Your Next Big Paid Play

Feature picture: why instagram ads should be your next big paid play

Last week Instagram announced that their ads are now in over 30 countries and they are rolling out more markets at the end of the month. The timing of the launch presents a unique opportunity. Between the high engagement rates on from 300m monthly active users and Facebook’s laser-like targeting options, this is definitely something to consider adding to your outreach program. Here are some important reasons:

Opportunity for price efficiency

Instagram ads are subject to the same laws of economics that govern every marketplace and this presents a great incentive to get in early – prices tend to rise as more and more people get in on the game as well. Since Instagram is built on the Facebook ad platform, Facebook is the most natural comparison – prices for Facebook ads have been steadily increasing over time as organic reach for brands got reduced and more brands started paying for ads. This means that you will enjoy both the novelty factor of being of having an early jump on Instagram,  and competitive rates to boot!

Finely segmented targets

Instagram ads are managed through the Facebook Power Editor – meaning the same powerful targeting features are available to you, whether they be demographic, interest or location based. This allows you to fine tune your approach so that you are able to show your ads  to the most relevant people and wastage is kept low.

Power Editor Screenshot

Formats and calls to action

There are some features that are unique to Instagram ads as compared to what a user can post. One of the banner features is that you are able to create a carousel of multiple images that the user can swipe between, giving you the ability to tell a story over multiple frames, or showcase various products. The maximum video length is also longer at a maximum duration of 30 seconds than a regular Instagram video post – which only goes up to 15s. You can also include a call to action button so that people know to click to get more information, visit your store/website or a direct link to install an app.

Overall, with Instagram opening its feed up for advertising could only mean that you are able to bring your brand closer to your customers!

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