Five awesome tools to automate your small business marketing

Running a small business is hard. There is always so little time get get everything done operationally that keeps the ship afloat, much less the ‘nice to haves’. Here is where automation comes in. In the past, much of what marketing automation tools achieved was fairly simple. Those days are gone, as this MarketingProfs article highlights, as automation has come leaps and bounds since then.

So how do you get in on automation without adding a ton of work for yourself? Here are five great tools you can try for yourself.

Common Tasks – Zapier


Zapier is best described as a service that links actions across other 3rd party apps like Twitter, Slack or Office 365. Much like the much loved IFTTT, you set up certain actions to perform when a trigger happens. For example, you can set Zapier to automatically add subscribers that match a certain criteria on MailChimp to a spreadsheet on Google Drive and inform you on Slack when that happens.

Content Marketing – ClearVoice


Content marketing might be all the rage at the moment, but it is usually highly resource intensive and takes time to get enough traction to enjoy the ROI. ClearVoice makes this easier by being a marketplace where you can figure out trending topics, and hire freelancers to create the content for you.

Brand Merchandise – The Printful


Having creative branded goodies can sometimes make a huge difference in your branding. The problem is that it is yet another bunch of things to worry about. The Printful lets you create different types of merchandise from T-shirts to phone cases and ships it to you/your customers without needing a minimum order quantity.

Creating Proposals – Bidsketch


Bidsketch takes the pain out of creating proposals by having a templates where you can swap out reusable bits so that you don’t waste time retyping parts of your proposal that appear time and again.

Landing Pages – Instapage



Instapage allows you to quickly optimize your landing pages while integrating into other tools you may use like Google Analytics or WordPress. You can even A/B test to find the best set of variables that is optimized for conversion.

As you can see, the world of automation is starting to get really exciting and we can’t wait for just what comes next!