Five tips to make your online store a success


These days, few people have qualms about buying things online. It has quickly become the norm over the last decade. You’d think that the kinks have been worked out by now, but the experience is still largely hit and miss. Here are five tips to stay on top of the game, making sure your customer comes back for more.

1. Default to the “First in, First out” rule

When orders start coming in, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the backlog of things that need to be done. It might seem obvious, but working on the customers that have the longest outstanding order ensures that waiting time for your product to arrive is kept to a minimum.

2. Filter, filter, filter and then sort

Built into the Webshop are powerful filters that help you find the orders that need your attention, such as those that have already been paid. This way, you can turn your attention to customers who are expecting their order to be shipped as soon as possible.

3. Use a tracking number

One of the worst parts about online shopping is that anticipation of waiting for the item to arrive. By including a tracking number, you not only provide the customer peace of mind but also the convenience of finding out the status of the package without reaching out to your customer support staff.

4. The unboxing experience

The packaging and unboxing experience is often overlooked by many companies but can make a real difference. The first physical contact the customer has with your brand is when their purchase first arrived. If it looks like this


Image Credit: Flickr/Fredo

what would their impression of your brand be? Contrast that to what a brand like Trunk Club does when they deliver their packages and you would start to see the difference this can make.


5. Surprise and delight

Unexpected but positive touches really tip the customer experience in favor of the brand. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, things like stickers or handwritten thank you notes from the staff tend to work well. Even better, you could include a discount coupon for their next purchase to drive future business as well!

Hopefully, these five simple tips help you on the way to success with your Webshop. Good luck!