Four easy ways to promote your business blog

A blog can be a powerful tool to generate leads and build your position as a thought leader in your space, especially in a niche area. However, just putting a blog together is no longer enough these days. You’ll not only need to provide value with your posts but also be actively and carefully promoting it. Here are four great ways to get started.

1. Mailing lists

We have written previously about how you can build your email list and the tools to make your newsletters look stunning. But the point is worth stressing on again. Mailing lists are a fantastic way for people to opt-in to receive updates. This means that they clearly get value from your content, and when are ready to hire you or buy your product, you are much likelier to be top of mind!

2. Guest writing

Guest writing for another outlet is another great way for your writing to reach a different audience while also letting them know where to find you. Many publishers have a way for guest writers to contribute listed on their site. Even if it’s not, quite often you can reach out to the editor and ask. If the audience profile is aligned with yours, and your content adds value to them, it is surprisingly easy to pull off!

3. Engaging the community on social media

Just reposting your articles onto your social media channels is no longer enough to build engagement and excitement these days, especially if you’re a small business. Instead of playing defense, waiting for people to stumble upon your page and follow you, you actively seek out conversations to be a part of and contribute. That way you’d start to be known as someone knowledgeable in your field, and eventually, these same people will come to you with business or recommend you to somebody they know.

4. Creating an outreach program

Sometimes, you have to go narrow in order to grow effectively. If you’ve done #3, you may already have built some digital relationships that may further benefit from your expertise. You don’t have to come off as sales-y doing this, as you can share articles you’ve written or resources you’ve previously found useful in a personalized manner. Genuinely wanting to be helpful goes a long way.