New features in the Online Shop

“Now it’s easier than ever to sell your products online.”

Since we released our Online Shop in July 2015, you guys have given us a lot of great feedback. Both of what works, what to optimize and what is missing. We work hard continuously to create features and tools to suit your needs, all to make it easier for you to setup and publish your shop.

Here’s a walkthrough of some of the most important improvements.

New options for Shipping

The key to any online shop is how to get the products to your customers. In our Online Shop, it’s easy to set up different shipping options, depending on your products and destinations.

  • Choose between a flat rate, with an additional fee per item, or a weight-based rate for the whole shipment.
  • Offer your customers different options, for example, an express option that is more expensive.
  • Create shipping options that are only available for specific country’s or regions, for example, to pick up in the store.

Read our FAQ article for more information: What options can I set for shipping?

Manage your orders

As your shop grows, you will receive more orders. That’s why we have made it easier and faster to manage your orders. For each order you can:

  • Add notes to an order, for example, if your customer contacts you.
  • Resend email notifications to customers.
  • Refund if needed and mark the order as paid, sent or canceled.
  • See the SKU (stock keeping unit) for each product the customer has ordered.
  • Export your orders with all details for easy management in spreadsheets and other programs.
  • Add terms and conditions for approval in the check-out flow.
  • Let the customer add a note. Great if you need additional information.

Read our FAQ article for more information: How can I track an order?

Style your shop

It’s important that your shop looks inviting, and that you present your products in an attractive way. To help you with this we have added more options to style your shop:

  • Set the number of items per row.
  • Crop all your photos to the same size to create a uniform look.
  • The size of the thumbnails adjusts to the size of the component.
  • Your products can take up a very small space or be shown bold and bright.

Promote your products

A little marketing for your shop doesn’t hurt anyone. Some new additional features to let you further promote your products:

  • Add a sales price or a banner to promote a product.
  • Let your customer sort your products by price, alphabetical order, newest or most popular.
  • Promote a product on the front page, or another location of your site by placing a link directly to the product page in your shop. The link can be text or an image.

Read our FAQ article for more information: Promote products in your online shop

Publish your online shop in WordPress

You can now publish your online shop on a WordPress site, with the Online Shop plugin. Simply generate the shortcode to insert your shop on any page in WordPress. Alternatively, You can also embed the shop in an HTML page.

As with Website Builder, you can customize the look of the Online Shop when embedding. Note that the shop will try to use the styling from your WordPress theme if available unless you add styling directly.

Read our FAQ article for more information: Publish your online shop.