Operating in the complex world of domains

“The world of domains is a complicated one, as there are many rules and procedures to be aware of. That is why we at One.com have a whole team dedicated to handing all domain-related matters. We are proud to introduce the Domain Operations Team at One.com.”

domain name and happy employees

So, what is a domain? Simply put, a domain is the easy, “human-friendly” way to locate websites on the internet, as it substitutes the real technical IP address of a website. A site can’t exist without a domain, and just as you save your friend’s phone numbers under a name in your phone contacts, you also provide your website with a name – mainly because it is too difficult to memorize everyone’s unique number.

At One.com our Domain Operations Department works from the overall testimony we should never lose a domain. To ensure this, a team of sharp employees is needed to monitor and handle all domain-related matters, that machines and technology can’t. And, as many of the TLDs (top-level domains, e.g., .dk, .no, .se), have their own procedures and regulations to follow concerning transfers, this team has plenty to attend.

Ordering your domain: Registrant, Registrar and Registry

Try saying that 20 times in a row! Finding your domain and checking its availability, is the first step when ordering a website at One.com. Once you have confirmed the order of a specific domain, a fairly automated domain registration process begins.

Description of ordering a domain

As One.com is the Registrar of your domain, our Domain Operations Department monitors the process from the moment you confirm the order. They are informed if the registration has succeeded or not. The Domain Operations Department follows all messages concerning the registration process, as unusual patterns can indicate a problem somewhere, that must be identified and fixed. If the registration succeeds, the Domain Operations team will only get involved, when a customer has domain-related inquiries, such as owner changes, domain transfers, deletions, renewals, changes etc.

No room for errors

Our Domain Operations Department collaborates closely with the support teams. They assist when customers have domain related questions. And they know what it’s all about, as they have all worked in the support earlier.

“For all members of this department, I can say: they do not cut corners, as the error and blame will come back to us, with potentially great consequences to follow.” – Rieke Poppe, Domain Operations Manager.

They are former supporters, who have proven to work flawlessly with an eye for details and who have expressed an interest in the world of domains. Also, they continuously review and follow-up on rules, regulations and country-specific legislation regarding domains, making sure that their knowledge on the field is always up to date.

Having these skilled and experienced employees monitor the status of all our customer’s domains, enables us to reach out when actions must be taken – so you can rest assured, that your domain is safe with us!

Would you like to dive deeper into the world of Domains? Our support section offers a range of domain-related guides about top-level domains and the roles of registry, registrar, and registrant to name a few.