QA testing the way!

“ Test Nights make it easier to create the best possible solutions for our customers.”

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At, we are continually working on new products and features. Testing, debugging and improving the usability is crucial for creating the best possible solutions. Our regular Test Nights play a major part in this process where a group of employees test and tweak the upcoming releases.

Before a release, our highly skilled QA team at has been testing, exploring and evaluating both products developed by and the integration of products produced by our external business partners. When the Product-, Development- and QA Teams have concluded their work with fixing issues and implementing some last-minute changes, the product is in a state that is ready for release.

However, it has proven highly valuable to arrange Test Nights, where we expose new features and releases to a group of our employees. Many of the participants come from the support as they are some of the company-experts when it comes to knowing customer expectations. They test the usability of the products when trying to act with the products just as our customers would.

A win-win situation

These Test Nights are frequently arranged when a new product update is ready for release. Inviting supporters to help explore and use the feature before release, has proven to be a beneficial initiative on all levels.

For the Product Team, it’s very nice to have the supporters use and test the product at the same time before a release, as feedback regarding bugs, improvements, UX, etc., is crucial information to receive at this stage – before the product is available for our customers. At the same time, for the supporters, it’s a great chance to spend some time with the product and gain knowledge, as well as to provide input in the right context. employee working with a computer

I think that the most important is the knowledge you take from it – after, you can find your way more easily when helping customers. I like the fact of having the QA team with us, answering our questions and knowing their input on the products. We got to know more about the products, not only how they work, but also about their progress history. – Supporter,

The Test Nights provide the QA Team with a lot of excellent feedback from the essential first-user perspective, which is passed on to the Product Management Team. This feedback also gives a good indication of the need for new guides and user-tips inside the products.

Providing customers with the best solution

A Test Night is also a way to spot bugs or issues that we have missed. The QA Team spend a lot of time testing the products, but there’s always a risk of developing some blind-spots, but for new users of a product, missing features or unexpected functions are very easily spotted. office with working employees

If all attendees on a Test Night point out the same usability issue, then we are quite sure, that our customers will do the same. It’s fair to say that many of the implemented improvements in our products come from the Test Night feedback.

We are proud to say, that providing our customers with the best possible solutions is a shared effort across our teams, which helps ensure the mindset we always aim to have at – that the products should be easy and intuitive for people to use without the need of a deeper knowledge or pre-acquired qualifications.