Seven obscure features of WordPress that make things easier

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been using a tool for a while and someone shows you a feature or method never knew existed and it blows your mind? WordPress is one of those tools that have secrets people seldom realize are there. So here are eight of our favorites:

  1. An easy way to link back to your old posts
    Instead of having to open another tab in your browser, looking for the post, copying the address and pasting it in, there is a better way! All you have to do is to highlight the text you want to link, press ctrl-k (or cmd-k) and in the inline popup, just start typing the title of the post you want to link to. WordPress will automatically search for and show a list of posts matching that title. It’s just like magic!
  2. Pre-schedule your posts
    In the ‘Publish’ section, it usually says ‘Publish Immediately’, which is usually what you want. But if you clicked the edit link beside it, a calendar will let you choose when you want the post to be published. It is really helpful when you’ve got a few posts lined up and you need to go on vacation.
  3. See more or fewer options on your page
    There are more features you can show from the Screen Options tab, hidden at the top of the WordPress window. You can also hide those that you don’t want to see to clear some clutter.
  4. An easy way to create links to other pages
    To link to other pages, you can easily highlight the text and paste in the link. Instead of replacing the highlighted text, WordPress smartly creates a link instead.
  5. Control where your post ‘jumps to the read more link’ in the index page
    If you know specifically where you want your ‘excerpt’ to break off, let WordPress know by using this tool just above the content editor box.
  6. Use the mobile app to create & edit content on the go
    WordPress has a robust mobile app that allows you to not only check your stats, but also create and edit posts, moderate comments and more.
  7. Embed YouTube videos just by pasting the link!
    YouTube makes it easy to embed videos onto your website using share/embed. But did you know if you just copied the link and pasted it into WordPress directly, it will automatically embed it too? Now that’s cool.

Hopefully, you’ve found these tips useful as you start to use WordPress more. I sure wish I knew some of these things when I got started!