Six skills to boost your Social Media game in 2016


Social media is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site. Sure, these days everyone ‘does’ social media. Doing social media, and doing it well are two different matters, though. Here are six skills that we not only think will be important for 2016, but are also skills we ourselves at are looking to develop.

1. Graphic Production

Sourcing images for social media used to be hard. As a result, many pages back then did not bother to use imagery in their posts. You could differentiate just by virtue of using images. These days, it is so much easier to get free, licensed images from sites like those listed here. We’re guilty of using these too. But that just means that you tend to see similar imagery on different pages and blogs.

And that’s where building your graphic production capability helps. Whether it’s photography, illustration or just general photoshop wizardry, this would help you cut through the clutter and get noticed in 2016.

2. Analytical Thinking

We’ve spoken a lot about analytics on this blog – but in this space, there is always so much more you can learn. We’re quickly from having not enough data to be drowning in too much. That’s why analytical thinking is important. By being able to quickly to sieve through a large number of data points to form patterns and figuring out what actually matters.

3. Project Management

As audiences scatter across different channels with different scopes, keeping track of what needs to be done when can quickly get overwhelming. Improving your project management skills means that everything is kept organized and the correct things get done at the right time, maximizing not only efficiency but also effectiveness. In particular, we’re interested in trying to take elements of the SCRUM Framework when it comes to doing social media projects.

4. Resourcefulness

In lieu of a paid budget, getting creative with what you can scrounge up may be the difference between a run of the mill cookie cutter approach to social media, and something potential customers will love. Can you do an impromptu photo shoot using your mobile phone? Maybe you could load up Canva to try your hands at creating a great image that is on-brand for you as well, or could you use your social channel itself as a prize for customers joining a competition?

5. Social Listening

In line with the last point, there are many tools that allow you to listen in on what your customers and potential customers are saying. Some, like TweetDeck, are free to use. Instead of only tracking your brand terms – you can also look and catalogue discussions around your competitors, and your industry and jump in when it is relevant and natural to do so. This creates a much more human touch for your brand and business.

6. Customer Service

The last important skill we are trying to build in the social space is customer service. At, we’ve got a great customer service team on call 24/7. Where possible, we also do try to address customer queries online as well. This is an important avenue for us to keep our customers and potential customers happy, and cannot be ignored.

What other social skills will you be looking to build in 2016?