Tools to give you competitive insight into your website’s search performance

To many people, optimizing both your paid and organic search performance can often seem like the black arts. It is, after all a deep area with dozens of interconnected aspects that affect performance. Some of which are out of your control. For others, though, there are several tools that can make the job easier. Here are five we’ve found to be helpful.

Use your browser’s incognito mode to see what people are searching using Google

Searching Google in an incognito window brings up the familiar auto-fill options, giving you insight into the Google zeitgeist. These are phrases that are searched most often, and will frequently yield new keywords you may have not previously considered. Being in incognito ensures that any prior information Google has about your behavior is not taken into account, giving you an accurate sense of where you truly rank on a given search term.

 Found someone killing it at SEO? Find out what technologies they use with

Occasionally, it seems that there is one particular website that ranks well on several of your keywords. After doing a content audit, you may sometimes still come up short as to why this website seems to have the edge. This is where BuiltWith comes into play. BuiltWith is a tool that gives you insight into what tools a website is using by looking at the headers and links in their source code. The results are presented it in an easy to read format, and you may even find some interesting new tools you may want to try in the future.

Is your SEO ranking being hurt by people plagiarizing your website? Copyscape can find out

Plagiarism on the internet is a real thing. When this happens, the value of your work is not only diluted, but you may even get a hit to your rankings on SEO, as copied content is something Google penalizes. Copyscape helps you to find copies of your pages across the internet. Armed with this info, you can reach out to the offending parties.

Discover keywords you might be missing with Ubersuggest

If you’re looking for inspiration to find more keywords to target, Ubersuggest is a great tool to help with that. All you need to do is to enter a keyword and let it generate a list for you. The list is helpfully alphabetically sorted as well.

Find broken links and redirects with Internet Marketing Ninjas’ tool

This tool from the Internet Marketing Ninjas helps quickly crawl your website and generates a list of links from your main site and a lot of associated information. These results help you to quickly find SEO structuring opportunities such as broken links, and meta information you can be using to improve your performance.