UX Tools to improve your workflow


Tools may not make the UX Designer, but as with any craft, having the right tools sure makes the job easier. Today, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tools that make the process of designing a great experience so much easier. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Hotjar – See how your customers are using your website


Hotjar is a tool that helps you visualize your customers’ behavior. It not only provides individual session recordings of people using your site but also several summary statistics. For example, various heat maps show where customer attention is going and lets you act accordingly, laying out your elements in a way that is most conducive to conversion or engagement. Another tool we love is the form analysis tool. It gives you feedback on which form fields are causing people to drop out, or spend a disproportionate amount of time doing, encouraging you to rethink whether it can be done differently.

Convert – A/B Testing takes out the guesswork


Convert is an awesome A/B testing tool. You set ‘variations’ of web pages you want to test, each may contain a different layout and/or copy. The tool then randomly assigns traffic to each variation and records several metrics you can set. You can then monitor how each variation performs against the others. Convert’s statistics engine crunches the numbers and lets you know when a result is significant, after which you may want move to testing something else.

UXPin – Rapid wireframing & prototyping


UXPin is an all-in-one tool designed to help make the collaboration process faster, and easier with a focus on productivity. With thousand of built-in elements, wireframes and prototypes can be built quickly, and feedback from the team can be quickly solicited and implemented.

Mural – Digital Whiteboards for effective brainstorming


Mural is a virtual whiteboard where teams can come together to organize around their ideas in a visual. This is a great solution for visual people (of which designers typically are).

Boords – plan better with easy to make storyboards


If you’re planning for a deeper experience with your customers, sometimes storyboards are the way to go. This is where Boords comes in. It makes the process of creating and maintaining storyboards a lot easier. Features such as version control and annotations that give context to everyone and keeps things in running order.

Hopefully, you’ll give some of the above tools a try. Do let us know how it has worked out for you if you do!