Webshop growth hacks to boost your online business

headerThese days, starting an online store is tremendously easy. (If not, you really should be looking into using our drag and drop Webshop). While many people think that building their online store into a meaningful source of income is a herculean task, there are in fact some really quick hacks you can use in order to improve your user’s experience and thus your conversions. Here are 7 we have found to be easy to implement.

1. Make your site responsive!

Consumers today spend much of their time browsing the web on their mobile devices. In fact, it has been reported that since 2014, mobile has surpassed desktop in terms of web traffic. It is thus critical that you ensure that your website works well on mobile. It is table stakes at this point. If not, you could be losing more than 50% of your potential traffic (and customers).

2. Pay attention to your SEO

Many e-commerce solution providers give you the option to optimize your store for search engines, with alt-text options and a friendly taxonomy. But it is still up to you to pick ‘conversion-oriented’ keywords and use them appropriately in the headers and on the page.

3. Use multiple images that make the product look great

Visuals are a key part of what convinces a visitor to become a customer. Too often, we only upload what is most convenient to us, instead of stopping to consider what a customer would actually look for. Most online store providers would also give you an elegant way to show multiple high-resolution images so that you show, not tell.

4. Make smart uses of badges

Badges are visual flairs that show off a certain aspect of your product or service. Used sparingly it can create urgency (using a ‘Selling fast’), or give a sense of security (using the ‘SiteLock security seal’). Brands have also had success using badges that authenticate that their products were made locally.

5. Use social proof

Studies have shown that Social proof works. Product reviews are seen up to 12x more trustworthy than product descriptions – and 70% of consumers look at them before making a decision to purchase. But reviews aren’t the only form of social proof. Tactics such as strategically picking your consumers to share their new purchase on social media, or getting testimonials from happy customers are also great ways to get social proof.

6. Make it easy for your customers to find answers to common questions

Is it easy to find your shipping and/or return policy? Often, it’s these small things that cause customers to abandon the shopping cart. Make sure these are easy to find so that something as simple as estimated shipping times aren’t the roadblock to the sale.

7. Cross sell/up sell your products

Convincing someone to buy from you is often the biggest hurdle to cross. Once that is done, it is generally easier to get them to buy additional complementary products. is your online store set up for this? Choosing the right mix of items to display goes a long way.