Website Builder 3.0 – better than ever!

“Our Website Builder has gone through a massive makeover and is now more intuitive, flexible and even easier to use. We have worked very hard on this new version, and we are proud of the result.”

illustration of homepage builder

An improved Website Builder to make your work easier and faster

Most of the features are the same good and efficient tools from the old Website Builder with a design update as well as some new features. We have wrapped it all in a shiny new design package that makes it easy to find what you need.

In the process, we have made sure to design functions and tools in a way that feels more natural for you to use. Guidelines, size lines and the option to drag a component to the right placement have been improved and work better than ever.

In short, this makeover is not only cosmetic, but improves the Website Builder with several brand-new features, and many more to come including a component for inserting Tables.

Note: it is possible for you to go back to the old version from the menu in the top right corner when you are in the editor view.

New features

The workspace has been maximized by moving parts from the menu to the top and by minimizing the component icons. You can also collapse the component menu, to increase the workspace even more.

view from editor mode to collapse the menu

The context menu is easier to open. By right-clicking, you access the context menu with functions such as moving components forwards or backwards, deleting and copying components.

With a simple double-click, you can change between working on the template or the current page to optimize your efficiency. No need to find and push a button to change. Just a quick click where you are currently working to continue.

The very functional Background component has been split in two; a Strip component that stretches across the screen. Just add it and drag it to your desired placement for the right effect. The Box component has everything else from the Background component.

When you select a component, you get a menu above it with the most common functions for this type of components. It gives you quick access and improves the workflow. You can also quickly open further settings, and place them where it is most convenient for you to have them.

We walk you through the changes in our guide: What has changed in the new Website Builder?

Help us to improve Website Builder

At the top of the Website Builder, we have added a Feedback button where you can tell us what you like and what could be better or if you have a great idea that you think would be nice to have. We love getting feedback and do our best to develop features and improvements that are suggested by our customers.

Use our help center to create the website you want

Our extensive help center has a lot of guides to help you create the website you want. They are very nice and walk you through both basic and more advanced functions and ways to create content. It can also give some good ideas and inspiration to look through them and see what possibilities there are which you haven’t seen yet. For instance, did you know that you can set the page to use HTTPS for added security?

Should you have a question about the Website Builder, you can open our live chat directly from the top menu so you can keep working on your website. Our support is ready 24/7 to help you whenever suits you best.