What happens to my feedback?

“At One.com we love to improve our products through the feedback from our customers. But how do we decide what feedback to implement?”

online feedback

Have you ever tried to give feedback on, for example, the One.com Online Shop? Do you have a brilliant idea that could improve your product presentation, order handling or payment options and possibly increase your revenue?

If yes, then you may also know how frustrating it is when it seems that nothing happens with your feedback and you wonder why you took the effort to write to us. In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes and reveal what we do with your feedback.

Customer feedback is a big asset

At One.com we do a lot of updates – in fact, all of the time. Often several a week. We are continually working on developing and improving our products, to offer a stable, secure and competitive service for our customers. The feedback we receive from our users is one of the primary considerations when planning future development and features. A lot of our customer’s feedback describes needs that could have a positive impact on their business or just make their everyday life easier. Therefore, they have a high priority for us.

How do we receive customer feedback?

Our supporters are the first point-of-contact for all our customers. Therefore, they are also the first ones to receive your feedback. Feedback can be anything from concrete ideas for improvement, changes to products or feature requests.

In our new version of Website Builder, we wanted to make the line even shorter. That’s why we have included a direct channel for you to send feedback to our Website Builder product manager who will then know precisely what you think.

What do we do with the feedback?

When product-related feedback is received, it is passed on to a management team for evaluation. It involves considerations like:

  • How will this change affect the product/feature/service?
  • How many customers will benefit from this change?
  • Do we have internal resources to prioritise it right now?
  • Does it relate to a One.com product or an external (third-party) product?
  • Is there a reasonable business case to support it?

If it’s decided to move forward and implement the change or update, it’s passed on to the product manager or the relevant team.

What is the lifecycle from feedback to implemented changes?

Customers sometimes ask us why it takes such a long time before their idea or suggestion is implemented. Well, given the fact that we have to process the feedback as just described, even small changes cannot be achieved overnight. That said, we do our best to pass on the prioritised changes through the right channels as fast as possible with the available manpower. We aim to release updates of high quality and often do beta releases to be able to fine-tune elements that are not working as desired. This naturally also prolongs the time of development and implementation.

On top of this, it’s important to know that we always have a long list of ideas and desired improvements lined up internally. This makes it even more necessary to prioritise what has to be done first.

How can I be informed about changes?

We inform our customers about significant product changes via email. If you want to receive more information about new releases, you have to subscribe to get notified about smaller updates. Here’s how to:

  1. Log on to the One.com control panel.
  2. Open the menu in the top right corner and click “Subscriptions”.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Which emails do you want from us?”.
  4. Toggle the slides for the information you want to receive from us.
  5. Done.

We hope this blog post gives you an idea of how we use feedback and why it’s important to us and in the end yourself.