What are RAM and CPU?

“There is more to your webspace than storage: it’s good to have an idea about the amount of RAM and CPU needed when you sign up for a hosting plan for your website. This article guides you in the right direction.”

Let’s be honest

Technology is sexy if it just works. The digital age is shaped by devices and services that are almost too easy to use. All it takes is a quick glance at your smartphone: It’s reliable and versatile, a true companion for life. And understandably, you want your website to keep up. You want it to be snappy and equally reliable.

It has become much easier to create a state-of-the-art website, even without any foreknowledge. But it comes at a cost: Even a simple WordPress blog requires more and more resources just to keep up with progress and updates. Adding plugins or getting many hits might sooner or later lead to slowness or the dreaded error message:

“500: Internal Server Error”

It’s helpful to understand where this error is coming from. Not only are online applications taking up more and more storage, they also demand more and more RAM and CPU. You might have heard about RAM and CPU when comparing notebooks or smartphones. In fact, your website virtually runs on such a device. You can think of it as a computer with the sole purpose of hosting your website. This is what we call a ”web space.”

What are RAM and CPU?

In all brevity, RAM is a short-term memory that is helping a web space to remember several tasks at once (e.g., opening a website or posting a comment). The CPU then receives and processes those instructions from the memory one by one.

How much RAM and CPU do you really need?

What if you have no clue? How do you figure out how much RAM and CPU you need to secure that your website performs at its best?

If you already know that you want to work with, say, Drupal, try to find the system requirements outlined by the developers. Going a bit beyond the minimum requirements might be wise. After all, your website will grow over time. At One.com, you can choose between a range of hosting plans offering you a lower or higher amount of CPU and RAM to cover your exact needs. And if you’re in doubt, there’s no need to worry: With One.com, you always have the option to upgrade – or downgrade- your plan instantly from your Control Panel.

Let’s say you are particularly ambitious and want to advertise your website heavily, then plan and make sure your website can handle the influx of visitors. And if you are still trying to figure out what you want to achieve with your website, then our plan: “Hosting Starter” is a fine place to start.

At One.com we believe transparency is the only way to go, helping you to plan accordingly even without purchasing a server of your own.