What WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” means for you

headerWordPress 4.5 is now available. Named in honor of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, this release was led by Mike Schroder, backed up by Adam Silverstein as Release Deputy, Mel Choyce as Release Design Lead.

There are several exciting features we’re excited to share that would improve your blogging experience.

Support for theme logos in the customizer



You could set a logo in the past using Theme options, but this was unintuitive. Now, themes are able to support it right from the Customizer, which gives you a visual feedback when adding your logo.

Live responsive previews


You no longer have to whip out your phone to see your website will look like on mobile devices – you can do it right from WordPress now.

Inline Linkinginline.png

Of all the front-end improvements made, this could possibly be my favorite one. Instead of having a modal window pop out covering everything, a much more minimal one comes up instead, making the UX that much better.



WordPress 4.5 also introduces new shortcuts in the visual editor like the horizontal line.

Logging in using email


You can now log in with your email, so if you were using a third party plugin before that, you can deactivate it. Yay to not having to remember different usernames for every account!

Performance improvements

But it’s not just the front-end features that got an upgrade. Here are some of the under the hood features that received improvements too.

  • Smart Resizing. WordPress claims generated images now load up to 50% faster. If you want to see how it works technically, this article might be of interest
  • Selective Refresh in Customizer. Developers can now selectively refresh parts of the customizer without re-rendering the PHP.
  • Updated JavaScript Libraries.  WordPress now bundles new versions of Underscores, Backbone, jQuery and jQuery Migrate
  • Customizable Embed Templates. Embeds can now be customized in themes.