Try the WordPress Staging plugin

“Want to test and make changes to your site without affecting your live site? With the Staging plugin for WordPress you’re all safe.”

Website being updated

As a professional user of WordPress, you know that you need to test changes to your site. But how do you make sure not to affect your live site in the meanwhile? The answer is simple: always use our Staging plugin for WordPress. That way you can make all your changes in a temporary “staging” site. When you’re done testing and tweaking, simply copy the changes to the live version of your site.

Why is it handy to use a Staging site?

With the staging plugin, you make a copy of your entire live site. You can choose to work on it offline and without the public getting access to it.

The Staging Plugin offers several benefits for you as a developer or site owner:

  • You can take all the time you need to make customizations, install new plugins and themes etc. When you get satisfied with the result, it’s easy to move all the changes to your live site. Don’t feel any time pressure as your site will still be available for your visitors.
  • Your visitors won’t notice anything while the changes are made. That way you reduce any damage to your business like downtime or features not functioning while working on the site.
  • It’s time to let yourself loose and allow that creative spirit inside you to be more experimenting with the site. You can rebuild the staging site and import a copy of your live site again, should something turn out different than expected. No one will ever notice your trial and errors.

Now you have no more excuses for not testing. Another obvious way to use a staging site is to test everything from new features, layout, colors on a banner, text on a ”call to action”-button and so on. You would want to know how people respond to feature changes as well as fresh marketing related content. Are they reacting the way you intended on a newly designed date selector or a new call to action?

How do I install the Staging plugin for WordPress?

The Staging plugin is included with the parent plugin for WordPress. You can read much more in our step-by-step guide on how to install the Staging plugin for WordPress.